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Support Bernie Sanders for President!


Bernie Sanders



I have endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America.

I could write a lengthy essay on what I support him and his policy proposals, but it could all be found on his website, where he lays out it great detail all that he plans to do when he comes into the highest office in the nation.

Go on BernieSanders.com

Learn more about Bernie, his policies, what he stands for, and what you could do to help (given you’ve made up your mind already).



Democracy only works when we all chip in and play a role in the political process.


Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 21, 2016





Bernie Sanders

I dedicate this poem to Bernie Sanders and all those Americans who support the political revolution of 2016. In 2008 we were promised change, but it wasn’t delivered and we now know why. Today we don’t want mere promises of change. We demand it!


Change can happen
only when we believe it
Change can happen
only when we conceive it

Change can happen
only when we act
Change can happen
only when we react
to the fact
that the world is in harm
And in need of leaders
who win our hearts
through wisdom
and character
Not through their
deceitful charm

Change will happen
only when we change
Change will happen
only when we free
Change will happen
only when we succeed
In rooting out evil
by planting seeds
of love and care
And standing up
with those who dare
to challenge the tyrants
responsible for brewing
division and hate amongst
a population of innocents
So distraught and irate.

Come together
Join the revolution!
It is now or never
Unity is the only

By Mensur Gjonbalaj
February 10, 2016