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The Truth Lies Deep Within Your Eyes


The Truth Lies Deep Within Your Eyes

There’s a place deep inside
More lovelier than your eyes
But you’ve been hiding them for too long

If you would stop to see
All the beauty that could be
Would you give yourself a chance to love me?

If you opened your eyes
Beyond the plane of the clear blue skies
Maybe then you may see what you’re made of

In the depths of the sea
There’s a gemstone that sees
All the love that the earth keeps within it

When I stare towards the West
And my soul cries to rest
My heart tries to escape from me

But there’s a call from the East
As my heart beats and beats
To the sounds of the skies above me

They’ve foreseen all that smoke in the sky
And the day that we died
When the wind came and blew straight through us

No need to worry for the blue skies, because they do lie
But that’s just the omen of nature
Redeem the justice from within you
And you’ll feel true; heaven lies deep within you

Your fears are coming but you won’t see
Until you mind’s free
The Master calls to beseech you
Your eyes are lovelier than ever, but aren’t so clever
The truth lies deep within you

And as we journey through the scold
Our scars grow bold and old
Where are those treasures you withhold?
These eyes will show us all you know
But if you read between the lines
You’ll start to see the coming signs
That call to love cries to behold
The truths that keep you free from sin:
To know thyself lies deep within

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj
May 13, 2013


This Side of Paradise


This Side of Paradise

On this side of Paradise
One feels the tenderness of the evening breeze along the shore
Calm and giving, the microscopic pebbles of sand caress the candid feet of the aimless wanderers –
Who by day roam the beaches charmed by the perplexities of their own subconscious realities
Only by night do they seek actual gratification by means of gross carnal affinity
Satisfying the need to rid themselves of their bestial tendencies; meanwhile, declining the possibilities of obtaining any possible form of spiritual propinquity

It is on this side of Paradise where dreams are imagined
Though they fail to become reality because of the sequestered innovation that lies locked away within the confines of the mind
Only at the darkest hour of night may it appear,
For in order to dream one must be sleeping

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj
May 12, 2013

Song of Death

song of death

Song of Death

Deep beneath the rolling winds
Comes gently sparkling diamond beds
A maiden cries a song and sings
That life is sweet and perilous
The shadow of her weeping cry
Sheds hallow tears across the sky
The night is dark, she wonders why
As she hums the chant of an old lullaby:

Do di dum, dum di do
Eh, ee ah, ah ah ah ah, ah ee ah
Ah eh, ee ah, ah ah ah ha ha he
Ti, ti ti da, da da dum, di di da
Ho, ho ho ha, ah, ho ho ha

La da da da da di di da
Ih ih ee ee ee ah ah
Va va va va vava vum
Eh eh eh eh ee ee ah
Se se se se di di da da da

And so she finds that to her fall
Comes echoing a violent call
That summons her down onto her knees
As the night begins to fade to light
When demons come to seize her out of sight
With her dies the horrors of an obscure lore
A song of death, one that she’ll sing no more

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj
April 21, 2013

Eternal Sunshine

eternal sunshine

Eternal Sunshine

If you don’t see me here tomorrow
Then it’s safe to say that I’m gone for good
I’ve left a world full of sorrow
To a better place, where my values are no longer misunderstood;
A land where my soul is unchained
And I fly as free as a bird

I’ll fly away towards the bright blue skies
Free as a bird singing the hymns of freedom
Into the sun I’ll go, where love never dies
I’ve had enough of the world, and I believe my time has come
To begin living my existence in the eternal sunshine of happiness
I’ll spend the rest of my days dancing with angels
The world needs no more of me and I need no more of its ugliness

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj
April 21, 2013