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This Side of Paradise


This Side of Paradise

On this side of Paradise
One feels the tenderness of the evening breeze along the shore
Calm and giving, the microscopic pebbles of sand caress the candid feet of the aimless wanderers –
Who by day roam the beaches charmed by the perplexities of their own subconscious realities
Only by night do they seek actual gratification by means of gross carnal affinity
Satisfying the need to rid themselves of their bestial tendencies; meanwhile, declining the possibilities of obtaining any possible form of spiritual propinquity

It is on this side of Paradise where dreams are imagined
Though they fail to become reality because of the sequestered innovation that lies locked away within the confines of the mind
Only at the darkest hour of night may it appear,
For in order to dream one must be sleeping

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj
May 12, 2013