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The Poetry of Art

The Poetry of Art

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been come across great works of visual art in the past couple of weeks that I’ve been compiling to share with my viewers. At times I’ll go through severe writer’s block and feel down about it, so in order to build up some inspiration and motivation to write I tend to look at art. I don’t know if it helps other writers with the ability to come up with new material, but I find it handy.

This will be the first in a series of art posts. Today’s post will be selections from Psychedelic Art.

be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it. Some are gifs.

psychedelic art 82



pysch love

psych 11

psych 10

psych jimi

psych 1

psych 7

psych 6

psych 9

psych 2

psych 5

psych 12

psychedelic hendrix

April 30, 2013