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We Will Rise


“We Will Rise”

[Verse 1:]
Is it just dream?, Am I a fool for trying?
I stand defiant but my enemy’s the tallest giant,
Will visions be reality? they tell me never,
I wanna feel the unity that Malcolm felt in Mecca,
I wonder if it made sense in his last moments,
People don’t value the soul cause they can’t hold it,
Find something real beyond death and misery,
And understand the present in the context of history,
It’s been established Sykes-Picot was a bitter marriage,
Since the day Thomas Edward Lawrence tricked the Arabs,
I never back stab my people like Abu Mazen,
I’ll overthrow the monarchs like Abdul Karim Qassem,
This is a battle that many better men have died fighting,
But I hope to give an insight through my writing,
My pen fires at the men who defend liars,
I send fire till the end of your empire,

[Chorus: singer]
We will fight to live,
We will not give up,
We will not give in,
We will rise,

And through the blood and tears,
We will not give up,
We will not give in,
We will rise,

[Verse 2:]
Guess who’s back, descendant of the occupied,
I represent the sentiments of many men you’ve colonized,
The President is eloquent but he’s never been on my side,
Melanin’s irrelevant cause everything was prophecised,
There was a time when they talked about the Arab Nation,
Broke our good leaders replaced them with a pack of masons,
Took your Keffiyeh and changed it to a fashion statement,
You sat with Satan, Camp David means assassination,
Peace in your imagination, that’s not real,
I’ve been where Arafat got poisoned and Sadat got killed,
I’m not a martyr, just a man without a Masters or a master,
Trying to unite the people like Abdul Nasser,
This is a battle that many better men have died fighting,
But I hope to give an insight through my writing,
My pen fires at the men who defend liars,
I send fire till the end of your empire,

[Chorus: singer]
We will fight to live,
We will not give up,
We will not give in,
We will rise,

And through the blood and tears,
We will not give up,
We will not give in,
We will rise,

[Verse 3:]
If you’re my brother, you’re my brother but please be loyal,
Comrades for life till we’re deep in soil,
They came to the middle east told us we need royals,
Just ask Mossadeq about BP Oil,
Look at history, the pecking order you will discover,
Nationalize your resources watch your children suffer,
Are you still my brother?
Even if BAE Systems gives us weapons to kill each other,
I strike back at the empire till it falls,
Most of us invest our money in building walls,
Mark the words of the lyricist that’s written this,
Any money that I do make will build a bridge,
This is a battle that many better men have died fighting,
But I hope to give an insight through my writing,
My pen fires at the men who defend liars,
I send fire till the end of your empire,

[Chorus: singer]
We will fight to live,
We will not give up,
We will not give in,
We will rise,

And through the blood and tears,
We will not give up,
We will not give in,
We will rise.

Written by Lowkey (Dennis Kareem)


The Fate of Pontus


Being a fan of classical Greek poetry I composed my own poetic story based on the style of the Greek classics. Reminiscing about the tales of Achilles and Hector, Perseus and Hercules, I tried to create my own mythical hero, along with a story that shared elements of a fable, minus the animals. I’d really appreciate viewers’ feedback on this. Thanks.


The Fate of Pontus

Long ago, along the hills of Olympus

Lived a man by the name of Pontus

Well-built and handsome, he indulged in bliss

A hedonist, he seized the day kiss by kiss

Until the call of duty rang,

Carrying him away from home, the muses sang

As the winds blew his ship closer to his demise

He recalled the sorrow and despair he saw in his mother’s eyes

She said to him, “Oh my son, live by the sword, die by the sword; surrender to love, reign in love.”

Pontus held back his tears as he glared at the sun above

The gentle words had touched his heart, but it was too late

For a warrior must answer the call, regardless of his fate

The brave Pontus stood long in contemplation

Fearing nothing but dishonor and his men’s annihilation

‘O Apollo, God of Truth, guide me to victory,

Keep my feet firm, and my heart steadfast

The cunning master fought long and hard on the foreign field

Slaying his enemies before him, using his sword as a shield

He knew no defeat. Such a word did not exist for him,

For he’d rather confide in Ares, stricken with sin

Then die a dishonorable death

For the mighty Pontus, every move he made ensured his next breath

When the battle had been won,

He was awarded with the fairest maiden of the land

Blessed with the gods’ pleasure they showered him with fortunes of every brand

Taking what was rightfully his, he gave his men the remaining portion

Then on a cold night, inspired by the calling of the prophets

He loaded his horse and left the camp, abandoning all his valor

Leaving his men ravaged in war with agony and squalor

For without his presence none knew what to do

They wondered where this legend disappeared to.

Perhaps he was taken by the gods, out of jealousy,

Or maybe he had been seized by his enemies.

Theorizing was all his men could rely on

For their master was not dead, but assuredly gone.

He tarried to a faraway land, as the wind directed

Seeking a treasure his newly awakened senses detected

His passions took him to the land of the ice and snow

Where the men shot arrows from their bow

As they rode rambunctiously on the backs of black horses

These men had no fear; Pontus took to the nomads’ courses

And adopted their ways

Eating dried cow meat after hunting for days

Mating with the women the clansmen offered

Earning a sense of belonging, forgetting the pain he once suffered

What had become of that fate his mother foretold?

Death in the midst of battle; instead, he fled so that he may get old

Peace was now residing deep in the confines of his heart

The product of ending one chapter of a story only to write a new start

But then blew the wind one wicked and wild night

The gods never forget when it’s time to blow out the light

The chariots of fire came to seize Pontus, his time was in question

Falling rapidly, the sand of time had finally caught up with him

There was still time for him to the change the road he was on

And he needed to have met his ends before he would be forever gone

Apollo called;

Ares called;

Athena guided,

As Zeus decided

The fate of a wide-eyed warrior

Turned starry-skied worrier

‘Where am I supposed to be?’

Asked the man riding across the sea

In an aquamarine enclave accompanied by voracious beasts

Eagerly awaiting his reception at the holiest of Pagan feasts

When Pontus reached his destination the Master of Olympus

Laughed at the warrior-wanderer

Marauding the depths of his consciousness

In his hand Zeus held a staff of immortal forgiveness

‘What learned ye from these travels into the wilderness?’

Asked the King of Kings as the muse continued to sing

The mind is a plethora of vibrating thoughts that roam around and ring

A man finds who he truly is when he stops to hear

The music that the earth plays as if it we’re loud and clear

Learning that no lesson is taught too late

For as long as we have life, so too is death of our fate


Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

March 12, 2013

Tales of a College Dropout

college dropout

I wrote this allegorical poem about the troubles and hardships of a College student who has given up on the hope of finding a job and learning anything that is truly worthwhile.

Tales of a College Dropout

Toiled for years penniless before I was in debt.
Studying hard with the hope of a future, a future that was bright and green.
Involved with society, I believed the lies, not knowing I was the victim
Of a failing democracy whose demise had been designed from within.
A fool I most certainly was, but a fool I am no more.
Luckily, it isn’t too late, though much time had gone by idlely waiting
For life to come knocking on my door.
A lesson learned is a penny earned.
Not that I made it big and, as I wish, live in grandeur,
But money comes my way when I need it.
There is never enough money for a man with finite desires.
I’ll take what I could get,
Until the opportune moments arrives for me to cease it.
These aren’t the rants of a boy, but of a man,
Young and firm in the pursuit of a purposeful life.
I’ve read too many books on history and the great men who came before me.
I live in a chaotically disillusioned society.
If there’s anything school taught me it is this:
Knowledge and intellect are two separate organisms of thought.
Knowledge is the obtainment of  information based upon facts and well-articulated opinions
Intellect is the ability to use the highly complex mind given to us at conception
In order to think and make, or create, things that are beneficial to our existence.
Who is more powerful than a knowledgeable person who is smart?
No one.

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 28, 2013

Poems On Melancholy


I will be posting a series of poems on melancholy, a state of being that I know all too well.

I’m clinically depressed
Maniacally distressed
Under immense duress
Refusing to impress
Anyone that I hate
Displeased with my fate
I’m always late
With coming to sedate
I’m all alone
Living on my own
With a life that hasn’t shown
Anything worthy of being known
There’s no special someone
Just a little bit of some fun
Mixed with vodka in the sun
I’m just a useless son
It’s not my job to please,
But to roam like a disease
Get by with ease
Till my lungs cease
I’m trying my best
To not give up on this test
The life I have at my behest
Is a journey I must quest
Not sure about my skill
In the art of creating a thrill
But I be sure to kill
All those who stand still
Against me
Until they stop to see
That all I seek to be
Is fulfilled and free

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 28, 2013

Fat Cat King

fat cat

The following is a poem I wrote today about the “fat cats” of Wall Street and the financial industrial complex that are bringing down America, alone with the world. It’s my way to stick the finger to those soulless cretins.

Fat Cat King

Friendly fire
Casualty to an unwanted desire
Powered by greed and thirst
Hungry for gold; money comes first
No time to live
No need to give
Not thankful for living
Who cares about the living
Squander your resources
Pile up your profits
Cut down the forests
Throw it all down the pit
Don’t look to the future
The time is here and now
No heaven or hell, he’s sure
If there’s money in it, he’ll find it someway somehow
Death fazes him not
Because this life’s all he got
Hell, that’s insanity
Produce and consume
As you breathe in the fume
Conform and disarm
No need to be alarmed
Everything’s under control
The Fat Cat King is on a roll
Roaming and conquering
As we watch, not pondering
He’s our master
We the slaves
He’s leading us to disaster
Blinded, we don’t see it
As he’s counting down the days
Buying his lies
Selling out to the devil’s cries
One day you’ll be crying
As you lay watching the world dying
Will you allow such a fate?
Get up and stand up
Before it’s too late

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 20, 2013