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Glittery Gold

greed art

Glittery Gold

Glittery, glittery gold
Tarnishing yellow, rapidly old
Light as a feather, panting from the mold
Open the door and let it all unfold

A weary query; it’s dark and scary
Tarry and carry the balls of fire that beam glaring and starry
Harry and Mary soon wish to be married
Forever together, their love glistens all the toils they’ve tarried

Wishing thinking
Leads the minds to sinking
Drinking and eating,
Savoring the moments that are fleeting

Precious silver stones
Are all that our hearts have ever owned
Happiness ought not to be loaned
And truthfulness never bemoaned

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

May 11, 2013


Pa Ty – Ismail Kadare


Today I will be posting a beautiful poem written in the Albanian language by the renowned Albanian writer/poet Ismail Kadare.
It is called Pa Ty, which translates to ‘without you’ in English.

I wish that I could translate the poem into English but my Albanian isn’t strong enough for me to do justice to a proper translation of the text. When I get the chance to find a proper translation I’ll post it again.

Pa Ty

Ti ike udhes se pafundme,
ku zverdhin druret gjetherenes.
Mbi gjokse pellgjesh tani tundet
I arti medaljon i henes.

Lejleket iken. Fill pas teje
Si stof i keq u zbeh blerimi,
Dhe ngjajne toka, pylli, reja,
Me negativin e nje filmi.

Tani ne fusha shkoj menduar,
Ku nis te fryje ere e ftohte,
Ku ca mullare te gjysmuar
Duken qe larg si donkishote.

C’te bej po them me veten time,
Ne kete ore te vone te muzgut,
Kur qerrja baltrave ben shkrime,
Te lashta si te Gjon Buzukut?

Do shkoj te ulem permbi pellgjet,
Te pi ne gjunje duke rene.
Ne gryke e di qe do me ngelet
I ftohti medaljom i henes.

-Ismail Kadar