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Song of Death

song of death

Song of Death

Deep beneath the rolling winds
Comes gently sparkling diamond beds
A maiden cries a song and sings
That life is sweet and perilous
The shadow of her weeping cry
Sheds hallow tears across the sky
The night is dark, she wonders why
As she hums the chant of an old lullaby:

Do di dum, dum di do
Eh, ee ah, ah ah ah ah, ah ee ah
Ah eh, ee ah, ah ah ah ha ha he
Ti, ti ti da, da da dum, di di da
Ho, ho ho ha, ah, ho ho ha

La da da da da di di da
Ih ih ee ee ee ah ah
Va va va va vava vum
Eh eh eh eh ee ee ah
Se se se se di di da da da

And so she finds that to her fall
Comes echoing a violent call
That summons her down onto her knees
As the night begins to fade to light
When demons come to seize her out of sight
With her dies the horrors of an obscure lore
A song of death, one that she’ll sing no more

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj
April 21, 2013


Pan’s Flute


Pan’s Flute

Come, come with me
To a far away land
Close to the sweet blue sea
Encompassed with white glittery sand
Come to peace, come to joy
Leave your family, leave your home
Enter a life bedazzled by a toy
Perfected with each blow, a smooth tone

Follow me into the hill
Do not fear nature’s wrath
No doom awaits the Piper’s will
A master of the devil’s craft
He seeks to enlighten those with reason
Charming melodies synthesizing the sounds in your mind
Shifting the moods like the changing seasons
The intellect knows no limit in the bounties it may find

Carry on, come along
Open up your ears to the words of my song
I know a way to ease the feeling of pain
Raising you back on your feet once again
Come through the bustling grove
Open your eyes to the new mode
Keep on going, desert me not
For now I’m here, and I’m all you got

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj
April 10, 2013

The Piper


Echoes of Song

Whistle and blow
The Piper shall show
The world of his charm
There’s no need for alarm
Enchanted in song
Children follow along
Being led in hypnosis to doom
Afoot the opening pass lies their tomb

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj
April 10, 2013

Otherworldly Beings


The following is inspired by my fascination with the supernatural, as well as the occult.

Otherworldly Beings

Otherworldly Beings

Deep in the dark blue sea resides muses
Crossing the waters of Earth in search of mischief
Singing melodious chants with the intention of inflicting doom
Evil and vicious, they have no remorse for their wickedness

Far away on the southern isles of the Arctic
A demon stalks the land scaring away life forms other than its own
Greed encompasses the heart of this vile creature
Like its soul the land is cold and void of light

Echoes vibrate throughout the caves of the willowing islands of the Baltic
Tales of warriors lost in the midst of battle now wandering their vanquished homes
Kicked out of the halls of Valhalla, this world is a no man’s land for the undead
The icy seas of the North are the last frontier and the only dwelling for the servants of Odin

In the deserts of Egypt the sands of time have withered away the wonders of a once majestic kingdom
Ruled by men whose hubris misled them to a proclamation of divinity
Mysticism and magic governed the lives of a people disillusioned with the realities of a complex universe
Osiris and Ra may have existed, but their status as deities is a fact unworthy of consideration

Virgin maidens frolicking the green pastoral hills of Greece and Rome apotheosizes the glory of classical antiquity
Whereas the struggle of the so-called mighty gods of Olympus illustrated humanity’s need for unison,
Both in brotherhood and in recognition of an omnipresent Creator
A theory put forward by the greatest of thinkers from two of the most prominent civilizations in written history

Revered and sought out by, these immortal creatures haunt mankind

Not only by night, but every waking moment of the day, preying on our weaknesses

Relying on our false opinion of them as hunger monsters eagerly awaiting to eat our wretched souls

As their true intentions remain hidden in plain sight; they seek only to deceive and so paradise may not be the reward from the Creator of the Universe we receive

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

March 21, 2013

Paranoid Kitchen


I wrote this a couple of nights ago as I sat alone in the corner of my kitchen in the dark while listening to music.


Paranoid Kitchen

I’m sitting in my kitchen
In the dark playing a song
Walls five feet wide and three yards long
The solitude keeps me thinking
About the tunes of the blues
Men singing ’bout love and nothing to lose
Now that’s staying true to you
While you don’t got much to do
Too bad I ain’t really alone
I hear a grunting moan
Coming from behind the juice pitcher
Blowing away the picture
On the refrigerator
It’s not that I’m an instigator,
But I reckon the presence of an unwanted being
Soon I’ll be forced to pay the piper for seeing
The wonders of selling grace
In exchange for a better place


Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

March 17, 2013

Poems On Melancholy


I will be posting a series of poems on melancholy, a state of being that I know all too well.

I’m clinically depressed
Maniacally distressed
Under immense duress
Refusing to impress
Anyone that I hate
Displeased with my fate
I’m always late
With coming to sedate
I’m all alone
Living on my own
With a life that hasn’t shown
Anything worthy of being known
There’s no special someone
Just a little bit of some fun
Mixed with vodka in the sun
I’m just a useless son
It’s not my job to please,
But to roam like a disease
Get by with ease
Till my lungs cease
I’m trying my best
To not give up on this test
The life I have at my behest
Is a journey I must quest
Not sure about my skill
In the art of creating a thrill
But I be sure to kill
All those who stand still
Against me
Until they stop to see
That all I seek to be
Is fulfilled and free

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 28, 2013

Something’s in the Way

After a lonely night at home feeling depressed and hearing crazy voices in my head and a bottle of vodka later I composed the following poem/song. It was written lyrically to a melody I had in my head. I hope it disturbs whomever reads it. 😉


Something’s in the Way

Something’s in the way

I just don’t know what it is

Just trying to take a piss

But it’s staring at my legs

And I want to kick it down

But I’m scared it’ll bite

Wish it fucked up and took a hike

But it’s a piece of shit


Something’s in the way

And I wish that it would leave

And I wish that it could see

That I want to be alone

But it doesn’t see my soul

‘Cause it doesn’t have a soul

Yeah, it doesn’t have a soul


Something’s in the way

Creeping at the door

I wish that it would leave

Yeah, I wish that it would leave

There’s a demon on the floor

And it’s peeing at the door

Now it’s coming back for more


Something’s in the way

I just don’t know what it is

And I’m getting kind of freaked out

‘Cause I don’t know what it is

But I wish that it would leave

So I could live my life in peace

It’s staring back at me not letting me just be


Something’s in the way

It’s been staying here all day

Now I’m getting quite concerned

And I wish that it would burn

But it staring through the frame

And it’s calling out my name

I don’t know what it wants, tell me


Something’s in the way

I would that it would leave

Yeah, I wish that it would leave

And let me be in peace

But it’s a devil in disguise

Singing clear through angel’s eyes

And I don’t know what to do, tell me what the fuck to do, tell me


Something’s in the way

Eating away at me

Yeah, it’s taking away my peace

And I don’t know what to do

Oh no, it’s staring back at me

And now it’s walking up to me

And it’s gawking out its teeth

Now it’s eating at my feet, tell me


Something’s in the way

Shouting back at me

Seeking something fresh to eat

Eating away at me, seemingly so easily

Please come go away

Make it go away back into the crack

Leave me in peace and never come back


Written and Composed by Mensur Gjonbalaj

4:13 AM February 12, 2013