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It occurred to me the other night that I have never composed a real haiku. Atleast, an English one, since I do not know Japanese. I remember learning about them in elementary school and having to write a couple for my homework. But as an adult poet, it was something I never got around doing. I spend an hour or two writing haiku poetry to see if I would come up with anything good.

From what I read, there are different variations of haiku poetry according to the Japanese tradition, but since I’m writing in English I followed the 5-7-5 scheme. The way this poetic formula works is that you compose three verses or lines of a poem. In each poem there is a syllable pattern that is followed: five syllables for the first line, seven for the second line, and five for the third and final line.

The following are a bunch of haikus that I wrote. Japanese haikus are definitely much more beautiful and poetically rich in nature. So I know that I certainly fell short of those standards, but to be honest, I’m not very fond of this style of poetry. Though, I see why many people admire it.

Mera’s Haiku

Parched from the sun’s heat

Summertime shines hot and quite bright

Brings me back to life


Lusciously full red lips,

Her beauty taunts my imagination

Purifying my love


Four seasons ago

The skies harmonized light –

Melodies of life


Beauty and the beast die

Lovers lose, but killers thrive

Triumphant tragedies


Till death do us part

I promise to be truthful

Forever, always


Raise the flag brothers!

Fight for freedom, not hatred!

Let there be justice!


Unsheathe your swords men

Yield not to the arrogant

Thrust them hard and deep


Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 22, 2013