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It’s Nothing …


I don’t love you;
I don’t want you.
It wasn’t love.
It wasn’t even lust.
If I could define what it was that we had,
It was nothing.
Friendship maybe,
but you weren’t looking for a friend,
Though you made it appear so.
You wanted love;
All you ever wanted was love,
but you never looked hard enough.
Love isn’t something that comes easy.
It doesn’t give itself up.
It’s either there or it isn’t.
I understood that you tried hard
to win it –
If only I had a penny for every time I’ve tried.
I’d have plenty of pennies,
but time is the best teacher.
Do not take this with melancholy.
I wish you the best.
The love you seek is out there
and will come when the time is right.
Don’t hurry love.
You can’t rush it.
It comes when it must.
Patience is a virtue –
one you need.
So wear it as a shield and
I promise you victory.
You’re beautiful,
and because the beauty you withhold doesn’t correspond
to me, I do not deny it nor belittle it.
All I’m saying is that I’m not the one meant to behold that beauty,
and to be quite frank,
I’m fine with that.

Mensur Gjonbalaj
August 29, 2014


Live As If You Were A Traveler

Traveler Above a Sea of Clouds

Traveler Above a Sea of Clouds

Live As If You Were A Traveler
The intelligent and refined find no rest in dwelling in one place,
So leave your homeland and travel far away!
Travel and you will meet new people replacing those left behind,
And tire yourself out, because it makes life worth living!
I have seen that water stagnates when it stands still,
Yet when it runs it is sweet and pure.
And if the lion left not its land,
it would not catch its prey
And if the arrow left not the bow,
it would not hit its aim
And if the sun moved not across the horizon,
People the world over would have tired of the sky.
by Imam Shafi