Tales of a College Dropout

college dropout

I wrote this allegorical poem about the troubles and hardships of a College student who has given up on the hope of finding a job and learning anything that is truly worthwhile.

Tales of a College Dropout

Toiled for years penniless before I was in debt.
Studying hard with the hope of a future, a future that was bright and green.
Involved with society, I believed the lies, not knowing I was the victim
Of a failing democracy whose demise had been designed from within.
A fool I most certainly was, but a fool I am no more.
Luckily, it isn’t too late, though much time had gone by idlely waiting
For life to come knocking on my door.
A lesson learned is a penny earned.
Not that I made it big and, as I wish, live in grandeur,
But money comes my way when I need it.
There is never enough money for a man with finite desires.
I’ll take what I could get,
Until the opportune moments arrives for me to cease it.
These aren’t the rants of a boy, but of a man,
Young and firm in the pursuit of a purposeful life.
I’ve read too many books on history and the great men who came before me.
I live in a chaotically disillusioned society.
If there’s anything school taught me it is this:
Knowledge and intellect are two separate organisms of thought.
Knowledge is the obtainment of  information based upon facts and well-articulated opinions
Intellect is the ability to use the highly complex mind given to us at conception
In order to think and make, or create, things that are beneficial to our existence.
Who is more powerful than a knowledgeable person who is smart?
No one.

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 28, 2013


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