Alphabetically Insane


I’ve been discovering new forms and styles of poetry in the recent days. So, I took the liberty to try and experiment with these different style, all of which I’ve never tried before. The following poem is alphabetical, meaning that I used every letter of the alphabet in each consecutive line of prose. I hope you enjoy reading it. 😉

Alphabetically Insane

Angry at the arrogant and atrocious academy

Blaming bureaucracy’s blunt brutality

Calling on college’s causalities, calamities

Daring and dark deciphering demented disabilities

Exciting everyone everywhere, eventually ending existence

For frugality, foolishly forming the feeble fomented fallacies

Gaining goods and getting gold gleefully

High hysteria here in hell, heathens have heating

In an investment interested in indexing incomes in interspaces

Just jesting Jack and Jills jolly justifications

Killing kings knifing the knickerbockers kettle knuckles

Living life luminously licking luscious lips luckily

Moving mammals more mundanely mixed microbiologically into masochistic machinations

Nurturing the needs of narcissistic nymphomaniacs, never needing nothing next to nature

Obviously, other objects oscillating over outer-space

Purposefully perform perfectionist periods of purported pendulum paradoxes

Quotations quickly quarantine the Queen of Quebec

Recklessly restoring the reign of rabbinical and robust rays ruminating ’round the royalty

Suddenly satisfying the sadistic saturation of seductively sultry seductresses

Thereby, tolerating tolerance towards theocratic tendencies in the townships

Under the ubiquitous understanding of utterly ugly unicorns

Venturing for vengeance, verging into the vortex of victorious valor

Waking, walking, and wandering without worry or wonder

Xenophobes xerox the x-rays of x-files

Yearning younger yelps of yawning youngsters in a yellow yacht

Zapped and zoned, zealot zombies zip and zoom like zebras

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 21, 2013


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