My Fustan

persian woman art


There’s something viewers should know about me. I’m absolutely obsessed with Persian culture and literature. Persian poetry helped inspire me to start be poetic about my own life and the things I experience on a day to day basis. Two years back I started teaching myself Farsi. Though I have yet to compose anything in Farsi I tried writing a poem inspired by the style of that in Iran. Be somewhat of a romantic I came up with My Fustan. Fustan is a word that comes from Arabic and means “gown” or “dress.”

There was a Syrian Jewish girl who I was seeing at the time and whenever I’d go to her place she’d be wearing beautiful traditional garb, and I would find it sexy and appealing. I wrote a poem for her around the time of Valentine’s Day.

My Fustan

She passes by me

As if I don’t exist

Smelling like the sweet scent of honey

Without her who will be there to assist?


My fustan, she is my fustan

The Queen of Sheba

Her scent comes from the bustan

Where had descended from the gardens of Jannah


The world is in balance,

Full of ivory and ebony

Where is it’s own parlance

I need no pearls, she is my jewelry


Through the rays of the Sun’s light

I swear by God, you are my life

Never have I come across such a sight

What more could I ask, but to take thee as a wife


To sing the words

To play the music

Call all the birds

To share this mystic


If you love me, I shall love you more

Wipe out all your sorrows

So that you may never be poor

For the rest of all your tomorrows


My fustan, you are my fustan

What is a fustan

If not a bullion of gold worth a ton

Even more than that of the Sun


O Valentine of mine

You shall be my Persephone

With those lips that taste like wine

Love me now and for eternity


Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 2011


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