Load Up

Load Up

Fill up the car
Pack it up
With stuff
Then let us hit the road
We’ve lost control
Bring your friends
And girls
We’ve got the good shit
With us
We’ll party hard
Hardly a party
Without some tea with booze
And snooze
The girls got legs
We’ll do them till she begs
That she wants more
And more and more
The girl’s a whore
She’s self-assured
Corny but baby I’m so horny
Had to work hard
For my money honey
So suck me good
And I’ll fill you good
Don’t leave till it ends
Drunken and fucked
Don’t say it sucked
Just shut up and fuck
We in luck
My boy Chuck’s got the stuff
Molly for all the Hollys
To wild with Dolly
Sniff it
Drink it
Lick it
Then fuck it
By the end if it all
You’ll be crying
Screaming life’s a bitch
So I’m dying

Mensur Gjonbalaj
February 12, 2013


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