Man at Loss

man at loss

Man at Loss

Tearful and hopeless, I wonder and flop

Dreadful and hapless, my laughter I lop

The starry night invites me to peace

Querying me about a lease

Where I’m to consider absurdity

Over normality

And rent a lifetime of vanity

At the cost of eternity

Only I would do such a thing

Selling my morals, letting my soul fling

Into the depths of the abyss

I find it hard to desist

That which narcissism promises piety may insist

But a fool never fails to resist

An offer made in private, and absolutely confidential,

That allots me power with eminent potential

My confidence boosted, only more, no less

Remnants of care are cleansed frivolous

There is a God,

And His name is me

I reign as the king of my realm

Wild and free

Ruling everything between the sky and sea

But there is a stark reality

Behind my congenial fallacy

I’ve been given a lofty, but fleeting mortality

When I should have chosen morality for my sanity

So, I lost at the end of it all

We all rise up at one point only to fall

Winning in sin is still a losing fate

Because when you’re down in the ground it’s too late

Mensur Gjonbalaj


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