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Poems On Melancholy


I will be posting a series of poems on melancholy, a state of being that I know all too well.

I’m clinically depressed
Maniacally distressed
Under immense duress
Refusing to impress
Anyone that I hate
Displeased with my fate
I’m always late
With coming to sedate
I’m all alone
Living on my own
With a life that hasn’t shown
Anything worthy of being known
There’s no special someone
Just a little bit of some fun
Mixed with vodka in the sun
I’m just a useless son
It’s not my job to please,
But to roam like a disease
Get by with ease
Till my lungs cease
I’m trying my best
To not give up on this test
The life I have at my behest
Is a journey I must quest
Not sure about my skill
In the art of creating a thrill
But I be sure to kill
All those who stand still
Against me
Until they stop to see
That all I seek to be
Is fulfilled and free

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 28, 2013


Nothing, But Her, is Eternal


The poem that I will be posting tonight was written based on the conventions of the Shakespearean sonnet. In keeping with this style of romantic poetry-writing, I felt like writing about a girl I like. As Edgar Allan Poe said, “there is nothing more poetical than the death of a beautiful woman.” Though the girl isn’t dead, thank God, our relationship didn’t workout. Hence the name, Nothing, But Her, is Eternal.


Nothing, But Her, is Eternal

Before I met her,

Life had been void of meaning.

Now, her beauty makes it better.

Captivated, she stares at me leaning,


With eyes as sharp as a knife.

My soul she slices into pieces,

A never-ending strife.

She has my heart; though my love she leases.


Nothing, but her, is eternal.

My reality is but an evanescent insanity.

My suffering is forever internal,

Gloomily verifying all of her vanity.


Today, I refuse to walk away;

Better to maintain and remain for yet another day.


Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 26, 2013


California Dream


Last month I embarked a fun and memorable cross-country journey that took me from New York City to San Francisco. The trip was full of adventure and ceaseless action that inspired me to write 12 pages about it. They consist of short journal entries, poems, and visual descriptive writings. I’d like to share the following poem I wrote while sitting on a small stone barricade on one of the hills of the Marin Headlands adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Over two-hundred feet high, my feet were dangling along the ledge of the rocky hill overlooking the Bay. I wrote how I felt about being dazzled by the beauty of the Pacific Ocean as the sun drew closer to setting. It is titled, California Dream.

California Dream

I walked across a bridge,

Long and tall,

That went between two hills and a ridge.

Had I fell, what a great fall.

The wind was strong and breezy.

The sun was centered at an acute angle in the sky,

Making life seem so beautifully easy.


The California living was laid back.

Surrounded by the graceful hills,

Grassy and classy, looks kill.

Deadly hallows in a vicious crack.

Full of caprice, one could smell it waiting to hit.

Setting flames to all the beauty once lit.

A curse in disguise, but a blessing to my eyes.


The Golden Gate is a stairway

To an abyss encompassed by bliss.

Nature’s finest getaway,

When you’re in hell, heaven you’ll most certainly miss.

Far from paradise, our damnation is more fair

Than the burning pain of existence’s despair.

All is not as it seems in a California dream.


Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj (January 20, 2013)

February 26, 2013

Psychedelic Craze



The name of the poem speaks for itself.


Psychedelic Craze

Psychedelic craze

Blood rushing through my veins

Heart beats without faze

Pumping up the metal chains

Left me bleeding in a psychotic maze


She jumps in to check me out

Powered up, cracking through all the groat

How’ve you been?

What a grin, I see flowers leaking down your chin

Sorry, for the sin I’m in


Take me out of this hellish hole

No place for men with souls

Hush now, let’s be gone from here

Hold on to me, then she steered the gear

We flew to the sky, colorful and clear


Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 25, 2013




It occurred to me the other night that I have never composed a real haiku. Atleast, an English one, since I do not know Japanese. I remember learning about them in elementary school and having to write a couple for my homework. But as an adult poet, it was something I never got around doing. I spend an hour or two writing haiku poetry to see if I would come up with anything good.

From what I read, there are different variations of haiku poetry according to the Japanese tradition, but since I’m writing in English I followed the 5-7-5 scheme. The way this poetic formula works is that you compose three verses or lines of a poem. In each poem there is a syllable pattern that is followed: five syllables for the first line, seven for the second line, and five for the third and final line.

The following are a bunch of haikus that I wrote. Japanese haikus are definitely much more beautiful and poetically rich in nature. So I know that I certainly fell short of those standards, but to be honest, I’m not very fond of this style of poetry. Though, I see why many people admire it.

Mera’s Haiku

Parched from the sun’s heat

Summertime shines hot and quite bright

Brings me back to life


Lusciously full red lips,

Her beauty taunts my imagination

Purifying my love


Four seasons ago

The skies harmonized light –

Melodies of life


Beauty and the beast die

Lovers lose, but killers thrive

Triumphant tragedies


Till death do us part

I promise to be truthful

Forever, always


Raise the flag brothers!

Fight for freedom, not hatred!

Let there be justice!


Unsheathe your swords men

Yield not to the arrogant

Thrust them hard and deep


Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 22, 2013

Alphabetically Insane


I’ve been discovering new forms and styles of poetry in the recent days. So, I took the liberty to try and experiment with these different style, all of which I’ve never tried before. The following poem is alphabetical, meaning that I used every letter of the alphabet in each consecutive line of prose. I hope you enjoy reading it. 😉

Alphabetically Insane

Angry at the arrogant and atrocious academy

Blaming bureaucracy’s blunt brutality

Calling on college’s causalities, calamities

Daring and dark deciphering demented disabilities

Exciting everyone everywhere, eventually ending existence

For frugality, foolishly forming the feeble fomented fallacies

Gaining goods and getting gold gleefully

High hysteria here in hell, heathens have heating

In an investment interested in indexing incomes in interspaces

Just jesting Jack and Jills jolly justifications

Killing kings knifing the knickerbockers kettle knuckles

Living life luminously licking luscious lips luckily

Moving mammals more mundanely mixed microbiologically into masochistic machinations

Nurturing the needs of narcissistic nymphomaniacs, never needing nothing next to nature

Obviously, other objects oscillating over outer-space

Purposefully perform perfectionist periods of purported pendulum paradoxes

Quotations quickly quarantine the Queen of Quebec

Recklessly restoring the reign of rabbinical and robust rays ruminating ’round the royalty

Suddenly satisfying the sadistic saturation of seductively sultry seductresses

Thereby, tolerating tolerance towards theocratic tendencies in the townships

Under the ubiquitous understanding of utterly ugly unicorns

Venturing for vengeance, verging into the vortex of victorious valor

Waking, walking, and wandering without worry or wonder

Xenophobes xerox the x-rays of x-files

Yearning younger yelps of yawning youngsters in a yellow yacht

Zapped and zoned, zealot zombies zip and zoom like zebras

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 21, 2013

Fat Cat King

fat cat

The following is a poem I wrote today about the “fat cats” of Wall Street and the financial industrial complex that are bringing down America, alone with the world. It’s my way to stick the finger to those soulless cretins.

Fat Cat King

Friendly fire
Casualty to an unwanted desire
Powered by greed and thirst
Hungry for gold; money comes first
No time to live
No need to give
Not thankful for living
Who cares about the living
Squander your resources
Pile up your profits
Cut down the forests
Throw it all down the pit
Don’t look to the future
The time is here and now
No heaven or hell, he’s sure
If there’s money in it, he’ll find it someway somehow
Death fazes him not
Because this life’s all he got
Hell, that’s insanity
Produce and consume
As you breathe in the fume
Conform and disarm
No need to be alarmed
Everything’s under control
The Fat Cat King is on a roll
Roaming and conquering
As we watch, not pondering
He’s our master
We the slaves
He’s leading us to disaster
Blinded, we don’t see it
As he’s counting down the days
Buying his lies
Selling out to the devil’s cries
One day you’ll be crying
As you lay watching the world dying
Will you allow such a fate?
Get up and stand up
Before it’s too late

Written by Mensur Gjonbalaj

February 20, 2013